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Hoteliers - over 850 hotels worldwide using Bathlia

Bathlia products are relevant to every level of the hotel sector.

Whether you are considering your Budget, City, Conference or Resort hotels, installing Bathlia systems helps your business in the following ways:

In-Room Educational Materials

Bathlia have designed a door hanger and towel leaflet which are being used in many of our clients’ hotels.

They inform guests about the hotel’s belief in conserving energy and water. They also politely advise guests on the best ways to help them play their part in making sure there is as little wastage as possible.

These prints materials can be adapted to match your own particular environmental policies.

Pump Demonstration Video

Many of our hotel clients have used our 2 minute video by incorporating it into their in-room information and advertising channels.

This helps to promote the hotel’s Green Policy and immediately makes guests aware of your ethical approach to sustainability.

For more information please fill in the form opposite, call us on +47-98864114 or email us at info@bathlia.com

why work with Bathlia

If you’re looking for a professional, reliable and forward thinking supplier of water saving and energy saving shower products, then perhaps working with us could seriously benefit your business.


At Bathlia, we are continually reinvesting generated revenue back into our product designs, brand awareness and marketing streams such as key exhibitions.

Working with Bathlia

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Bathlia specialises in the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of water-saving and energy-saving products.

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Bathlia are dedicated to helping retailers increase their sales with in-house staff training, pump demonstrators...

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