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Increasing the efficiency of the traditional shower head design had always been a major problem until a simple patented solution was discovered which uses a screw that acts as a turbine.

Pressured water passes through the shower head and comes out via the screw which acts as a piston. It is then sent back to an expansion chamber. This process allows the water to be exposed to rapid periods of high and low pressure. The emptying and filling of the chamber is carried out at a speed of 30 – 40 times per second which maintains the pressure, temperature and comfort whilst using as little water as possible.


Adjusting the axial ride of the turbine screw, either upwards or downwards, allows the jet of water to be adjusted according to the needs of the user, choosing between soft, large, strong droplets or a rapid, pulsating massage jet of water.


The patented turbine screw has a large water outlet which prevents lime scale deposits from blocking the holes of the shower head, a problem common in traditional shower heads.

Bathlia’s Water Saving Technology offers a better quality of shower with vastly improved comfort for the user.

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Whether you are looking for water saving hand showers, water saving fixed shower heads, hoses or even cradles, Bathlia ensures that every product we manufacture has been designed and produced to the highest standards.

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